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Whole Health Physicians is here to provide our patients with a true medical home. We have created a culture that elevates the doctor patient relationship as it was in the bygone days of medicine, yet infuse it with the most advanced, evidence-based science by utilizing genetics, advanced biomarkers, the most state of the art technology, to give the most complete picture for each patient. We work as a team with our patients to create a truly personalized and doable plan that incorporates who they are biologically, their lifestyle, and any other limiting factors. We don't stop there, but continue to actively follow through helping the plan become a reality, thus ensuring the best healthcare possible for our patients.  

At Whole Health Physicians we have grown by word of mouth. Patients refer their family and their friends and that is the best compliment we can get. For us this means that our patients truly understand the value of our services. They believe in what we do,  feel the impact in their life, and want loved ones to have that experience.  Dr. Brian Neely and Dr. Hayden Pasco went into primary care medicine to help people have better health now and maximize their healthspan in the years to come.  This is the platform they created to make that happen in the most meaningful way. Welcome to Whole Health Physicians!

      Welcome to 
Your Team

Our Team. Your Advocates.


Hayden Pasco, M.D.

Brian Neely, M.D.

Dr. Hayden Pasco is from Richmond, a graduate of University of Virginia, earned her Doctor of Medicine in 2008 from the VCU School of Medicine, and completed her Family Medicine residency in 2011. Following residency she opened HCA’s Primary Health Group – Short Pump which quickly grew into a successful primary care practice. She is board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and is a member of the American Medical Association, Medical Society of Virginia and the Richmond Academy of Medicine. She has continued to pursue further training in preventive healthcare through certification in the BaleDoneen Method and completing advanced vascular training at the Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute.

Dr. Pasco co-founded Whole Health Physicians 

because she craved a positive environment that allowed the time and space to get a wholistic view of the patient so she can treat them from the inside out. This means understanding their genetic tendencies, inflammatory and cardiovascular markers, gut health and also realizing this needs to be examined in the context of their lifestyle and personal limitations. With all of this information she and her patient together create a doable action plan to get them on the best personal path to better health.

As a cancer survivor herself, she truly understands the value of prevention and early detection. She also knows what a patient needs when they are in a medical crisis. She looks forward to being an advocate for her patients when they need her the most.


When not in the office, you will likely find her at home in Goochland, hanging out with her husband and sons in the garden, wrangling a horse to ride, gathering chicken eggs, doing yard work, running or practicing yoga. Occasionally, she finds time to paint which she loves.

Dr. Brian Neely is a Family Medicine and Preventative Health Specialist with 18 years of experience promoting wellness in the Richmond community and beyond.  He is a Virginia native and graduated with distinction from University of Virginia in 1994.  Dr. Neely earned his Medical Doctorate from the VCU School of Medicine in 1999 and was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society. He completed his Family Practice Residency in 2002 and became a founding partner of Virginia Family Physicians in Midlothian, Virginia where he practiced successfully for 14 years before stepping out to explore new strategies in patient care.  He has established affiliation with the Cleveland Heart Lab, Salveo Diagnostics, received certification in the Bale- Doneen Method and completed advanced vascular training at The Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute.  Dr. Neely is Board Certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and maintains memberships in the American Medical Association, Medical Society of Virginia and the Richmond Academy of Medicine. 


At Whole Health Physicians, Dr. Neely works to establish a trusting relationship with each patient.  He believes in a collaborative approach to personal wellness in which the patient’s voice is a guiding factor.  This approach, supported by his knowledge of advanced cardiovascular lab testing, genetics and gut health provides each patient with an individualized strategy in disease prevention and overall health.


Dr. Neely resides in Midlothian with his wife and three children.  He is a year-round  golfer,  enjoys snowboarding  during the winter months,  and devotes his remaining free time to attending his children’s performances and athletic events.

Tracey Butler
Practice Administrator

Tracey provides our practice with a wealth of healthcare management experience having worked with HCA Physician Services for over 20 years, most recently in the role of Market Manager at HCA. She was responsible for 19 medical practices to include 29 locations, 90 providers, 3 area practice managers, and 12 onsite practice managers. She was responsible for oversight of day to day operations, practice financials, strategic growth and planning. Additional responsibilities included oversight of Quality initiatives, governmental and insurance programs, provider recruitment, practice acquisitions, terminations, divestures and bridging physician services with hospital administration. All of this experience will play a vital role in helping us build the best preventative healthcare practice for our members.


1) Prevention. Our country's health system  is reactive, not proactive. We want to provide a platform where a person can step up and ask 'What can I do to be healthier given my genetics, current health status, and limitations of lifestyle?' We can offer a medical doctor's knowledge, combined with ability to interpret the genetics, gut health and other advanced testing that allows us to treat you as an individual.  This is in contrast to the current medical system that must treat you as the average of a genetically diverse population.  We want to treat you as a unique individual with a given  health status in a specific point in time. Personalized medicine. Precision medicine. Evolving medicine. And when we don't know, we say it and we work with you to do what we can to get you the most up to date resources and information. We are a partner in your health. That way we love our job and you have a doctor that has your back.


2) Disease treatment:  We follow the standard of care medical algorithms because they work for most people. They treat the bell curve. But what if you need more or what if there are supportive methods to treat the disease based on your genetics or personalized needs? A provider can not do proper analysis, treatment, and documentation in a 20 minute office visit. When incorporating fluid markers such as inflammation,  gut health, lifestyle changes in the context of the fixed genetics it must be dealt with in context of the individual. This takes time both for the discovery and the education and implementation of a doable and personalized plan.  With the numbers of patients that the average doctor sees in a clinic day and the red tape inherent in today's medical world, it is not possible to incorporate all of these aspects.  Whole Health Physicians provides a platform to work within the system to truly take care of the patient. In the busy medical  world, it allows the opportunity to pause, analyze the health picture in context of the individual and then form the most personalized plan for better long term success for the patient.  



The right test, for the right person, at the right time.

Click on buttons below to see the laboratories that we use. They have tons of excellent information. Have fun and explore these websites. Learn. Knowledge is power. Ask us questions and push us to learn more. 



We wish this type of medicine was the standard of care. It is not. Until it is, we have a membership model that allows us to take the time we need and use the tools we need to provide you the best healthcare possible. 

  Call for more information.

Personalized, precision medicine using the most advanced non-invasive testing available.
Same day, no-rush appointments.
Telemedicine options for those traveling, busy at work, or just need to discuss their healthcare plan. 
Extensive yearly exams and follow up reviews.
Call, text, have open access to your physician when you need him or her the most.
Health and nutrition coaching.
Let us help navigate the ever more complicated healthcare system for you.
Preventive medicine based on your individual risks, not government algorithms.
 Develop a relationship with your doctor that allows a collaborative approach to pave the way to your best health possible. 
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