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We wish this type of medicine was the standard of care. It is not. Until it is, we have a membership model that allows us to take the time we need and use the tools we need to provide you the best healthcare possible. 

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Personalized, precision medicine using the most advanced non-invasive testing available.
Extensive yearly exams and follow up reviews.
Have open access to your physician when you need him or her the most. Physician phone numbers are provided for urgent needs after hours.
 Develop a relationship with your doctor that allows a collaborative approach to pave the way to your best health possible. 
Preventive medicine based on your individual risks,  not  government  algorithms.
Nutritional advice based on your personalized needs. 
Telemedicine options for those traveling, busy at work, or just need to discuss their healthcare plan. 
Let us help navigate the ever more complicated healthcare system for you.
Same day, no-rush appointments.


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